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Announce: grappa 1.0.0-beta.1


For all of you parboiled users who don't wish to migrate to scala, you now have an alternative: parboiled!

Well, grappa now; grammars and parsers: it's the same old thing.

Except that it already has quite a few changes from parboiled-java 1.1.6:

* Unicode matchers! You now have UnicodeChar and UnicodeRange. Those take integers as arguments (of course) and support as much Unicode as your JRE will support. These delegate back to regular Char{Matcher,Range}s if your code points are in the Basic Multilingual Plane (ie, code points less than U+FFFF).

* Java 8 compatibility: ASM had to be upgraded to 5.0.x for that.

* CharSequence support for input buffers... It may not sound as a big feature, except that CharBuffer and String both support CharSequence (ParseRunner's .read() from a String has been marked as deprecated for this reason), but it also means you can use grappa on very large files using largetext without loading these files into memory!

* No Scala support anymore... And the build system has been switched to Gradle. As this package uses the wrapper, it means all you need to get started is a JDK!

* Generated bytecode for parsers is now Java 1.6 (was 1.5).

* And finally, one bug has been fixed with proxy matchers (see here).

And there is soo much more work to do... I will happily accept feature requests, bugs, criticism etc.

Happy parsing!