Announce: grappa 1.0.0-beta.2

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Announce: grappa 1.0.0-beta.2

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A new version of grappa is out there for testing!

Impacting, but still backwards compatible, user visible changes for that version List of changes in no particular order:

* Deprecation of all rule definitions starting with an uppercase letter: this is a logical step to being more in line with Java naming conventions. All rules named with uppercase are still there but will be removed in 1.1.

* Addition of all rules of RFC 5234, Appendix B, section 1 to `BaseParser`; you therefore have access to `.hexDigit()`, `.digit()` etc among others; all these rules are documented.

* Deprecation of a lot of classes in the base code, all of which will be removed in 1.1. Most of them are being replaced with usages of Guava instead (and a lot of them were copies from Guava to begin with!).

* Dependency on what ASM calls "debug" jars by default, but which in fact are published jars for 99+% or projects out there: much easier debugging of the core code as a result.

The next version will have, hopefully, a much more important update: a join rule!

Happy parsing!