Announce: grappa 1.0.0, grappa-tracer-backport 1.0.0, grappa-debugger 0.1.0

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Announce: grappa 1.0.0, grappa-tracer-backport 1.0.0, grappa-debugger 0.1.0

Hello parboiled users,

First of all, grappa has changed home. The new home is at:

In fact, version 1.0.0 was released last year (just); compared to 1.0.0-beta.6 which was the last version announced on this list, it contains only a few more code cleanups and a few bug fixes -- and more tests.

The bigger news however come from those two other projects which are:

* grappa-tracer-backport (requires Java 7): ;
* grappa-debugger (requires Java 8):

The first one is a ParseRunner which allows you to plug any listener of your choice at five points into the parsing run:

* before the parsing starts;
* before a rule attemps a match;
* a rule has succeeded its match;
* a rule has failed its match;
* parsing is finished.

The provided listener is a tracing listener which will collect the necessary data from the parsing process in a zip file so that you can use the _second_ project to analyze what has been going on -- after the fact.

Among the information this GUI will give you is the _complete_ parse tree, without even the need to annotate your parsers with @BuildParseTree before your run, rule statistics and all the events that took place.

You can see it "in action" here:

Meanwhile, work on grappa 2.0.x is going on... And I am eagerly looking forward to feedback and feature requests!

Have fun!