[Announce] grappa 2.0.0-beta.1

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[Announce] grappa 2.0.0-beta.1

Announcing the new version of grappa; and from this point on Grappa is a clear departure from parboiled.

To summarize, many things are gone, but not without good reason:

* annotations `@*Node`: obsoleted by the new listening parsing run API;
* annotation `@MemoizeMismatches`: not of real practical use;
* annotation `@BuidParseTree`: obsoleted by the new listening parsing run API;
* all existing `ParseRunner` implementations: obsoleted by `ListeningParseRunner` and associated listeners; except for
* `RecoveringParseRunner`: not of real practical use.

The diffstat really says it all:

$ git diff --shortstat -C -M v1.0.x..
 383 files changed, 8449 insertions(+), 27901 deletions(-)

Also, this new version requires (and emits bytecode for) Java 1.7.

The tracer which is used by the debugger is also builtin. And the major code cleanup also leads to a speedup of <em>at least</em> 20% by my measurements ;)

Feedback welcome,