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Updated to 0.11 and so far no problems.  I haven't had time to work on this at all the past few months but if I play my cards right it will be my main project this summer into next year.

I have made more progress on being able to include another file into the buffer.  Added support to get the line number and column of an index relative to the included file. I still have plans to add getting a hierarchy of included files for use with errors but that will have to wait.

The buffer itself:

Commit 3fab7d57d1de33f971dcf44cf27f178cedaa3bf9
has a working project that demos retrieving the file, line, and column of every index in the buffer as well as a hacked up error message showing the same info.

I would greatly appreciate any input you can offer.  If there is functionality you think should be included or a better way of accomplishing any part of it let me know.

Thomas Suckow