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Scala: Find doubled words

I try to find double words in a String like "Test Test" with a Scala Parboiled Grammar (The real grammar is much more complex).

My first attempt to solve the problem:

  def DoubleWord: Rule0 = rule {
    var firstWord: String = null
    Word ~% (firstWord = _) ~ " " ~ firstWord
  def Word = rule { oneOrMore(!(" ") ~ Letter) }
  def Letter = rule { "a" - "z" | "A" - "Z" }

But this doesn't work, firstWord will always stay null.

I have seen a similar problem solved in the Markdown-Parser Pegdown when matching full Html blocks (line 485). Is there anything like the @DontSkipActionsInPredicates-annotation (which is used in Pegdown) in Scala Parboiled?