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Welcome to the new parboiled user mailing list / forum

Hello Everybody,

with the parboiled out the door (even though there are a few more kinks to ironed out) I wanted to take the time to finally upgrade the user forum to something more usable. I was unhappy with the old one at http://parboiled.hostingdelivered.com/ for some time already.
It required a special signup, email notification proved unreliable and generally felt somewhat clunky.

The new nabble.com based solution combines all the functionality of a mailing list (you can subscribe with an email address of your own) with the one of a forum and feels much more light-weight.

You can post by email, subscribe by email or read and post completely online.

I assume it is also faster and more reliable than the old forum at hostingdelivered.com, so you should see reactions from my side with a little less delay.

So please, keep your feedback coming!


[hidden email]